1. parasitebeans:


    Progress of my Daft Punk helmet. Woohoo lookit all the fuckin’ mess. 8DD;;

  2. herrfebres:

    Tengo dos dias escuchando daft punk y no se hasta cuando durara esto, no me importa. Mas tarde vere electroma por 15613158651 vez. Aqui la escena desgarradora.

  3. tangobullets:

    Be in my closet. Now.

    …This is useful.

  4. The hands, showing segmentation as well as color/shine.

  5. From below.

  6. Another from the back. I’m planning on hand-sewing/creating the stripes, which will be an absolute ass to do and has little room for error at all, but IIIIIII don’t really see any other way.


  8. Back. I actually didn’t see that odd paneling in the back of Guy-Manuel’s helmet until this picture, but now that I’m looking at it, it makes sense (and gives me a warning to do something similar, otherwise the helmet might slip forward/generally not hold well).

  9. More chest flap proportions. Something like…four times the excess of twice the length of the chest flap is about 1/8th smaller than the front of the jacket, from bottom-of-jacket to bottom-of-collar?

  10. …I don’t really remember the exact proportions anymore for the collar flap thing. Just make the collar first (keep in mind the amount of overlap with itself), then eyeball a good length from there.